Aug 29, 2014

Spread the Word: PenGems

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Are you  looking for a girly, state of the art writing utensil that will suit your everyday writing purposes!? Well, if you answered no I’m sure this blog post will change your mind, and for those of you that answered yes you're in luck! The answer is PenGems!

PenGems are crystal pens,who doesn’t love crystals, that come in 21 gemstone colors. Each one of the PenGems contains more than 120 Swarovski Elements Crystals. If you’re looking for PenGems that suite your everyday writing needs then you should have a look at their Signature PenGems but, if you own any touch screen devices  then you’ll want to check out the Stylus PenGems.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my PenGems! I chose the Rainbow Signature Crystal Pen as well as the Gold Crystal Stylus Crystal Pen. By the way, shipping is free and with your purchase you receive an extra ink cartridge for each one of your PenGems, it doesn't get any better than that! I’m also pleased to tell you that I received my PenGems in 1 business day, which is awesome because I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to wait for these beauties to arrive!

My PenGems delivery came in the most adorable packaging that had a sticker of their brand ambassador, the most adorable penguin in the world, on it. It also had a beautiful pink strip of tape on it which added even more sparkle! I also received a few extra goodies; a keychain, hand written card, a random act of kindness card, and a thank you card. As you can see, the PenGems are just as beautiful in person as they appear online and the Swarovski Crystals really sparkle!

Now that we’ve discussed how aesthetically pleasing PenGems are, let’s discuss how effective and purposeful they are, let’s see how they work. The most important thing about a pen, well at least for me, is how it looks, and we already know that PenGems are gorgeous! Now the second most important thing about a pen is how it writes. And I’m happy to tell you that writing with PenGems is absolutely, effortless! Trust me, you’re in total control when it comes to writing with PenGems and have no need to fear a delay in your writing process do to a sudden pause in your pen’s movement or anything like that!
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Since I also received the Gold Crystal Stylus Crystal Pen it’s important to note that the stylus is fully functional and compatible with my touch screen device! There’s no need to viciously attack the screen with the stylus  because it glides across your screen with ease, and allows you to go about your business as you normally would with any other stylus. In this case however, if you need to move your thoughts from your tablet to your notebook then all you have to do is flip your pen around!
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On a final note I’m completely satisfied with my PenGems and would recommend it to every and anyone who is looking to purchase a quality pen. Honestly, you should buy yourself some PenGems and at the very least do some browsing on their site! By the way, I just wanted to let you all know that Spread the Word is a blog series featuring companies, businesses, and etc. that I feel deserve our recognition so, please spread the word!

Question of the Day: Wouldn’t it be cute if the brand ambassador’s name was Penelope? I think Penelope the Penguin has a nice ring to it, don’t you?

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