Aug 6, 2014

Work B*tch: My Favorite Insta-Yogis

Britney Spears song “Work B*tch” (I added the little asterisk there just to keep things a little more PG) inspired me to create this blog series, as you can see by the title. Today I’ve gathered a few Instagram videos from three of my favorite yogis on Instagram; yoga_girl, laurasykora, and gypsetgoddess. Most importantly I forgot to note that I love, love, love yoga and that it truly is a w-o-r-k-o-u-t!

First up, we have yoga_girl (and her Instagram video is linked below). Look at that, even her dogs are getting in on the action . . . in a way, lol!

Next we have laurasykora (her Instagram video is also linked  below) proving that yoga is better when done with your loved ones. You go girls!

Last, but not least, we have gypsetgoddess (her Instagram video too is linked below) and not only are her moves on point but so is her outfit! Where can I get myself a pair of leggings like that?!

As you can see, these three lovely yogis prove that yoga is no joke and should not be overlooked when you’re in need of an intensive workout. So . . . get away from the screen and as Britney said, “You better work b*tch!”.

Question of the Day: Where is your favorite place to do yoga? On the beach? In the living room? In the backyard?

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