Aug 8, 2014

"Oh Appy Day": Google Keep

If you are looking for a virtual substitute to sticky notes then look no further, Google Keep is here to save the day! Hip hip hooray!

Google Keep is similar to the default sticky note application that runs on most desktops but Google Keep is definitely better (well at least in my opinion)! In order to prove that Google Keep is better than all of the rest, I’ll be discussing the pros versus the cons.

All of the sticky notes in Google Keep are organized so that you’re able to view the in both a quick  and efficient manner. With Google Keep there’s no need to click and drag through dozens of sticky notes just to find the one that you’re looking for.

The text on each Google Keep sticky note automatically adjusts to the perfect size so that you can easily read each sticky note, no matter how little or how much text the sticky note may have.

The last thing I’d like to highlight about Google Keep is that it’s fairly customizable, especially when compared to other sticky note applications. You can change the color of a sticky note, add an image, create a checklist, and etc. Honestly, sticky note applications don’t get any better than Google Keep.

I do love the the fact that there’s more than one option when it comes to the color of a sticky note but, there just aren’t enough colors to choose from! Google Keep allows you to change the sticky note to one of eight colors (white, red, orange, yellow, grey, blue, teal, and green). Personally, this is upsetting to me because my favorite color is purple (but hey that’s just me).

Lastly, I find the reminder feature to be limited because it only allows you to receive desktop notifications unlike Google’s Google Calendar application which allows you to receive an sms, desktop notification, email, or all of the above as a reminder.

Overall, I give Google Keep a four out of five which is not too bad when you think about it. Keep it up Google (see what I did there).

Question of the Day: What are your go to apps for jotting down a quick idea or note? [By the way, did anyone notice my typo, (and if not, what typo?)]

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