Aug 12, 2014


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Do you ever get lost reading blog posts? One blog post will lead to another, and then another blog’s post will lead to yet another blog’s post, and you get the idea. Well this happened to me yesterday and before I knew it the day had ended and I realized that I’d barely scratched the surface when it came to today’s blog post. So, here we are and thankfully I managed to complete it and, I’m just glad because now I get to share it with you wonderful people.

Just by looking at the above image you might have suspected that we’d be discussing cheese however, that’s not exactly true. Anyways, by looking at the title I’m sure you figured that we’ll be discussing fonts. Not just any fonts, but dingbat fonts. Now if you’re unfamiliar with dingbat fonts you might be wondering what the heck they are! That’s how I felt when I first found out about them but I can assure you that they are absolutely, positively wonderful. I could go on and on about dingbat fonts but I think it’d be better if I show you what they are.
FON-Tastical Photo One.jpg
FON-Tastical Photo Two.jpg

Since you have an idea on what dingbat fonts are, if you weren’t already familiar with them that is to say, I’ve compiled a list of dingbat fonts from the prior image so that you can put them to good use. Also, look out for a future blog post on decorating blog post images, or anything else your little heart should ever desire, using dingbat fonts! By the way I’d like to give a special thanks to for their wonderful, free selection of top of the line fonts! Enjoy :)

Question of the Day: Are you familiar with dingbat fonts, and if so how do you use them?

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