Aug 13, 2014

A Web Design Secret

A Web Design Secre Featured Image.jpg
I’m not sure if you all are aware of this but, the world of digital scrapbooking and the world of web design sort of fall hand in hand. Allow me to explain, in order to be a seasoned digital scrapbook you need to be a little more than familiar with Adobe Photoshop and the same holds true for web design. In order to be a seasoned digital scrapbooker you need to have an eye for design and the same holds true for web design. Now it’s clear to see that there are quite a few commonalities between digital scrapbookers and web designers that you may not have noticed.

Today I will be focusing on design which is clearly present in both the work of a digital scrapbooker, as well as a web designer. More specifically, we’ll be focusing on digital scrapbooking embellishments. You might be wondering how digital scrapbooking embellishments and web design go together? Well, digital scrapbooking embellishments come in many similar forms that are often utilized by web designers. For example, digital scrapbookers use banners to decorate their digital scrapbooking pages while web designers use banners for navigation bars or etc.

Digital scrapbooking embellishments can be used by web designers to do a multitudinous amount of things. Below are a few link to predominantly digital scrapbook focused websites however, now that you’re in on the “secret”, you know that they can also be used in any web design endeavours you may have. Even if you don’t find them to be useful to you in the realm of web design, they can always pose as great blog photo embellishments!

  1. The Graphics Fairy
  2. Pinterest
  3. Free Digital Scrapbooking
  4. Best Free Scrapbooks
  5. Shabby Princess
  6. A Cherry On Top
  7. Google
Question of the Day: Do you have a purpose for digital scrapbooking embellishments in your web design?

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