Aug 15, 2014

Peek-A-Boo: August 15th 2014

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I’ve decided to invest some of my time into the look of my blog and found Dana’s YouTube channel, The Blog Beautician, to be very helpful in my pursuit. She also has a few videos on her YouTube channel Wonder Forest geared towards blog design. I find Dana to be quite the expert when it comes to creating video tutorials and I’ve considered creating a few myself. Anyways, you should  definitely check out all of her videos but I’m going to share the ones that I found to be most helpful.

This first video is a total lifesaver as well as a time saver! Trust me, you are going to be glad you watched it.

I’m sure if you’re just starting out with Blogger, while still learning to code and succeed at web design, as I am, you’re wondering how you could make your very own blog header and corresponding yet fully functional navigation bar. Dana’s got the answer for this too!

For more blog design help and tutorials just check out Dana’s website
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Question of the Day: When it comes to blog design, do you prefer to do the work yourself or hire somebody else to do it?

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