Aug 7, 2014

a-MUSE-ing: Kelly Dixon @SmartSchoolHouse

Every once in a while in life we come across people whom we find to be quite a-MUSE-ing or in other words, a type of modern MUSE. The star of today’s post is Kelly Dixon the author at

If you are already familiar with her work, you know that it’s absolutely phenomenal. Honestly, what’s not to love about Kelly and her website? Her website is pretty, simplistic, and well organized if you ask me. I love the pictures, I love the color scheme, I just love everything about her website.Don’t even get me started talking (or typing, lol) about the intuitive crafts section of her website . . . it is chock full of lovelies for you to do with your lovelies.

And if you love Kelly’s website just as much as I do, then you’re going to love her Instagram (@smartschoolhouse) which is just as colorful and fantastical! I just want to say thank you to Kelly for being today’s muse and that she’s an inspiration to me!

Question of the Day: Are you familiar with Kelly’s website, and if you are what’s your favorite part about it (and if you aren’t won’t you head on over and check it out)?

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