Jun 12, 2015

Spread the Word: Opulent Leather

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and, if you are anything like me you have no idea what to get the old man! I mean once you reach a certain age you run out of ideas on what to buy your dad for Father’s Day because you have literally bought him every single Father’s Day gift possible.

Hold on, there is one thing, one thing that you have not bought your dad that will be the difference between you being a gift repeater or you being the best offspring your father could have asked for. That thing, that one thing would be . . . an Opulent Leather card holder of course!
opulent leather card holder.jpg

So, you may be wondering what makes an Opulent Leather card holder any different from any other Father’s Day present you have bought for dear old dad. Well, first and foremost it is a card holder. Now your dad will have a stylish and sophisticated place to put all of his business cards. So on Father’s Day “Eve” your dad will be able to pull out his snazzy Opulent Leather card holder so that he can network with other fathers who have a reputable business, as I am sure your dad does.

Opulent Leather itself is a sophisticated business not only when it comes to its wallets but its other products as well. Opulent Leather’s wallets and cases are crafted from the finest Italian leathers and are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Opulent Leather’s products come in an array of colors that are suitable to every gender. Better yet, all of their products are on SALE so do yourself a favor and buy an Opulent Leather card holder (or any other Opuloent Leather product) for all of the fathers in your life.
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Lastly, I would personally like to say that Opulent Leather’s customer service is phenomenal. Opulent Leather truly does put the needs and concerns of the  customer first. My experience working with Opulent Leather has been amazing from start to finish and I appreciate how considerate they have been while working with me. Needless to say, your experience with Opulent Leather will be just as amazing but first you have to head on over to Opulent Leather’s website! By the way, I just wanted to let you all know that Spread the Word is a blog series featuring companies, businesses, and etc. that I feel deserve our recognition so, please spread the word!

Question of the Day: I will definitely be giving my dad an Opulent Leather card holder for Father’s Day but one question remains; “What will you be getting your father?”

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