Jul 4, 2015

Ultimate Birthday Party Guest List

You do know what today is don’t you?! No, I am not talking about the fact that it is the 4th of July, I am talking about the fact that it is not only the 4th of July but my very 1st blogiversary! Today my blog turns 1 so hip hip hooray! ! !

I was going to save this post for my actual birthday but I figured that it would be better if I shared it with you all on my blog’s birthday. As you can tell, this blog post will cover my ultimate birthday party guest list. Shall we begin? Yes, yes we shall.

The following list is in no particular order based on the actual hotness of these real life celebrities because in my opinion they are all a 10/10 if not an 11/10.

1. First up we have Joe Manganiello. Let me tell you this man is Hot (with a capital H, as you yourself can see). He first stole my heart with his role as Alcide on the popular television show True Blood. After True Blood was over I was lucky enough to see him grace the TV screen in Magic Mike and yet again in the sequel Magic Mike XXL. By now if I have not yet seen Magic Mike XXL trust that I am planning on it!

2. Next up we have Remi Delatour or Jason DiLaurentis, depending on whether you know him from Devious Maids or Pretty Little Liars (luckily for me I know him from both!). This handsome actor's real name is Drew Van Acker.

3. Another cast member of the popular TV show True Blood to make my ultimate birthday party guest list would be Eric Northman a.k.a. Alexander Skarsgard. You must admit that something about those eyes really draws you in! He would definitely be the vampire type if they actually did exist!

4. Yes, another cast member from True Blood to make the list is Jason Stackhouse or Ryan Kwanten. He is not only an absolutely amazing actor but he is a yogi! Can you say 11/10 much!

5. Next up we have John Alden (a.k.a. Shane West) from Salem a semi-new tv show on WGN America (and I am going to be honest when I say that “I had never heard of WGN America until I started watching Salem). You may recognize him from A Walk to Remember, when he first stole my heart, and now he is back again (to steal my heart for the second time) in Salem.

6. This past Sunday I found myself watching Dark Knight Rises and felt compelled to add Bane (a.k.a Tom Hardy) to the list. Trust me when I say the man behind the mask is very handsome.

7. Last but not least we have Superman, and not just any Superman but Tom Wellings as Superman in the hit TV series Smallville. (Every time I hear/type/see/etc. the word Smallville the theme song begins playing in my mind). He was my first Hollywood crush and I fell in love with him on that tv show, well his character at least! To this day I still love Tom Wellings and I am dying to see him on TV again.

This list could go on and on but I figured that I should stop at lucky number seven or this post may never end. I hope you enjoyed this very unique post and will maybe check a few of these shows out so that you can understand exactly what I am talking about! Happy 4th of July to everyone and thank you for celebrating my 1st blogiversary with me.

Question of the Day: If you could have anyone you wanted show up to your birthday party, who would be at the top of your guest list?

Smallville Theme Song


  1. happy birthday to your blog. Time flies doesn't it? :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Thank you so much Carmen! Just yesterday I was writing my first blog post & today I am celebrating my first blogiversary! Time really does fly πŸ˜ƒ