Jul 17, 2015

Back to School Wishlist (Part Two of Two): June 2015

School is vastly approaching folks so I am continuing with part two of this two-part blog series. So, for those of you who have not yet had a chance to check out part one, you should go and do that. For those of you who have returned for part two, welcome! I have even more must-have items for you to feast your eyes upon, goody gumdrops!

Back to School Wishlist- June 2015_2-2.png
For a lack of better words, I called this section miscellaneous because it has a combo of back to school supplies and technology. These items are on the top of my back to school wishlist because they are going to make my life so much easier!

Where were these things while I was still in highschool? I am no school supply abuser but I went threw highlighters like tissues during cold season! Look on the bright side, at least I can use them while I am in college.

Notice that on the website there is a typo, instead of referring to the pens as “Colored” it refers to them as “Black”. Sorry I just had to point that out to you or it would have driven me crazy. Anyways, I love the fact that they are fine tip pens and colorful, it makes doing schoolwork a lot more fun don't you think?

If you are on a mission to go completely digital as I am then you will appreciate the wireless functionality of this printer. The time has come where printing from your desktop is no longer necessary, woo hoo! Just don’t forget to retrieve your papers from the printer (not that I would know anything about that).

Buying electronics for back to school season is like a combination of early birthday and Christmas presents. Definitely one of my favorites when it comes to back to school season.

It’s a tablet, it’s a laptop, it’s a Surface 3. This item is definitely fighting for the #1 spot on my back to school wishlist. I would personally recommend this to every student.

My phone is past due for an upgrade . . . or two! A smartphone is a must have in our modern day society so why not get an Iphone?

If you are team android (i personally have no specific preference) then this phone is likely more your style.

Continuing our gold trend we have a Gold Macbook! I absolutely love the fact that it is gold and everyone needs some type of a laptop or tablet or both to do schoolwork so again why not?


My favorite part of back to school shopping is having an excuse to upgrade my wardrobe. Who’s to say that you can’t look good and get straight A’s!

I think that this top is very professional looking especially when paired with a blazer. You could also pair it with a nice leather jacket for an evening look.

Let’s face it, kimonos are in this season! What's more to like about this particular kimono is that it has a unique pattern that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. It even has matching shorts.

These shorts match the lovely kimono we previously chatted about. Not only are these shorts adorable looking but they must also be comfy because soft is in the name.

Question of the Day: Where is your favorite place to shop for back to school season?

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