Jul 1, 2016

The Best Friends A Girl Could Have

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The title of this post may have confused you, considering that it’s actually going to be about pets. But dog is said to be man’s best friend so why not include the rest of the world’s pets?!

As a child I always fantasized about having a “real” pet since we were only allowed to have goldfish. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored my goldfish and took very good care of them (in which case they lived for 5 years). We actually had more than ten goldfish (but not all at once). The last 3 we owned lived the longest but the ones before that had a very short lifespan :(. If I decided to get pet fish again I would more than likely have Wayde and Brett from Tanked design my fish tank and choose to have an assortment of tropical fish. Maybe they could base the tank off of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory!

More than anything, I would love to own a horse. No, this has nothing to do with the my obsession with Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue (despite the fact that I never actually played it)! I actually grew to love horses watching the popular television program Saddle Club. To this day I remember the theme song to Saddle Club! Something about the show (including the lyrics to the song) made me feel as though girls could do anything, even something as difficult as horseback riding! I would probably get a horse with blonde fur and name it Butterscotch.

I would also love to own a poodle! I love how sassy they appear to be as well as stylish. If I could have the poodle be any color I want, I’d want it to be purple. Is there anything more stylish or sassy than a purple poodle? Speaking of stylish, I'd want this poodle to rock the latest in puppy fashions and eat the most premium puppy chow. Everything would just have to be over the top and I don’t think I’d spare any expense when it came to that pup! All I can say is that it would be one lucky puppy! Not sure what I would name it though, probably something French.

Not longer after I decided that I would like to have a poodle for a pet, I discovered goldendoodles! What are goldendoodle you might be wondering, well . . . the cutest puppies in the world! They are a result of golden retrievers and poodles being interbred. Their fur is absolutely gorgeous and pretty curly. I also believe that they do not grow to be very big so they’re also easy to manage. I would probably name my goldendoodle Caramel because their fur is actually very caramel in color.

I’d love to have a unicorn because everyone should be allowed to have at least one fantastical pet! When it comes to naming a unicorn I’d probably have to go with something from My Little Pony like a combination of; Diamond Tiara + Rainbow Dash = Rainbow Tiara. Sounds very fantastical to me! I believe that since unicorns are like horses, I’d be able to ride my unicorn and better yet it’d also be capable of flying! But I’m still not sure what a unicorn would eat, any ideas?

I saved the best for last . . . I would absolutely, positively, love to own a blue bunny. You're all probably thinking, “Another fantastical pet!”. Well, you can all thank Blue Bunny™ (the company) for this pet idea. I saw their commercial featuring a computer generated blue bunny and fell in love! I can't say that I ever considered having a bunny for a pet until that very moment. You must admit it is super adorable and it looks super cuddly too! The icing on the cake would be if it could repeat the phrase “What's up doc?”. Then I could name it Bugs and it would be 110% fantastical (that’s even more fantastical than the unicorn!).

I hope my future pet ideas sparked up some conventional and fantastical pet ideas of your own! Remember to always be nice to your pets and show them how much you care!

Question of the Day: If you could have any pet what would it be? A kitty cat? A dragon?

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