Jul 22, 2016

20/20: Calling All Pre-Optometry & Optometry Students!

Welcome to my new blog series 20/20 made by a future optometrist for future optometrists!
I have noticed that there is a very large pre-med community out there but there isn't necessarily a niche dedicated to optometry. So, I have taken it upon myself to create a sort of niche geared towards us future optometrists.

I would like to focus on reaching out to future optometrists on Tumblr so make sure you follow me on there. As most of you already know, Tumblr is rich with visual content that can be both helpful and motivating. I think that the motivational aspect is what I love most about Tumblr! My second main focus would be creating content on my blog that would be helpful to us future optometrists. Blog content for this series would range from handy checklists to useful resources to help us on our optometry journey!

This is just the start of something new and wonderful people so be sure to subscribe to my blog via email and follow me on social media (Tumblr,Twitter,Pinterest,Instagram) to ensure that you don't miss out on future blog posts in this series!

P.S.Please use the hashtag #20/20 when referring to this blog series to help us all stay connected!

Question of the Day: What type of content would you like to see on this blog series?  

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