Jul 4, 2016

Dare To Be Inspired

What is inspiration to you?

Inspiration to me is watching someone do something amazing with a passion that I have never seen before! Regardless of what that person is doing, just seeing that passion, is enough to inspire me.

Lately, I have been inspired by cookie decorating. So much so that I've decided to take it on as a new hobby of mine (because there’s always room for a new hobby)! I can only imagine that you might be thinking, “Why would you be inspired by cookie decorating?”. Remember, it's the passion behind it that inspires me! And for whatever reason, this particular passion for cookie decorating that certain bakers have, has not only inspired me but inspired me to take on cookie decorating for myself!

In order to show you all (and to hopefully inspire you too!) I have a wonderful line up of very talented bakers and more specifically cookie decorators.

First up we have Haniela. She is an amazingly talented cookie decorator and I find her to be absolutely adorable. She comes up with creative and fun ideas, with the help of her fans, that she uses to create gorgeous cookies. They not only look good, but I bet they taste good too!

Next up we have Amber. What I would like to say about her is that she keeps it sweet, simple and to the point. Not only are her cookies creatively, and deliciously crafted but her videos are of amazing quality too!

LilaLoa has the most unique style when it comes to decorating her cookies! You can tell just by looking at one of those beauties that she decorated it. I believe that her unique style is what I love most about her as a cookie connoisseur.

Montreal Confections is another favorite of mine! She is not only excellent at decorating cookies but bakes other outstanding and delicious goodies too! Despite the fact that I’m really into cookie decorating, she also has a bunch of beautifully crafted undecorated cookies that are worth a look!

I hope that all of these amazingly talented cookie decorators have left you feeling inspired! What you choose to do with that inspiration is entirely up to you so be creative and maybe try something new. These cookie decorator's not only leave me feeling inspired but inspire me to be more passionate about all of the things I love to do, including blogging!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! And happy second birthday to my blog!

Dare to be inspired!

Question of the day: What inspires you?

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