Jul 8, 2016

The Best Apps for College

Today you and I are celebrating! Yes, celebrating! What are we celebrating you may as . . . Well the end of another school year of course! I just want to apologize in advance to students who live in the Southern Hemisphere because you obviously cannot celebrate with us :(
Nonetheless, I have a wonderful list of apps that will be able to help all students, not just the ones who are on summer vacation, in college. These apps were helpful to me so I hope that they will also be helpful to you too!

blackboard icon.JPG
1. Blackboard Mobile Learn™ // Apple ($0) // Android ($0)
This app is a staple for all college students who attend American colleges! Apparently it also has a bunch of handy features, that not even I was aware of, that you should go on ahead and check out for yourself! Simply put, this app keeps track of your grades and assignments and is absolutely crucial to your college success. Need I say more?

notability app icon.JPG
2. Notability // Apple ($6) // Android Alternative ($0)
The Notability app is a bit on the expensive side when it comes to applications but . . . it has amazing features. I personally used it to not only record lectures but simultaneously annotate the powerpoint slides as the professor went over them in class! Better yet, I was not only able to playback the recorded lecture but also my annotations in real time! ! ! I will be honest and say that the app did not help me to retain much information however, it did keep me engaged throughout the lecture.Alternatively, Apple users could use Microsoft OneNote for FREE (P.S. so can Android users)!

istudiez pro app icon.JPG
3. iStudiez Pro // Apple ($3) // Android Alternative ($0) [1] [2]
It is safe to say that this application is rather pricey especially considering the fact that it is basically a digital planner. Fortunately, there is a LITE version that is FREE! What I personally like about iStudiez Pro is that it is easily accessible across all of your devices and eliminates the need of using a planner. Don’t get me wrong, I love planners but there’s always a chance that you might forget it. I’ve also provide two Android alternatives, the 1st being myHomework Student Planner (my personal fave) and the second being Student Agenda (which more closely resembles iStudiez Pro). Did I mention both alternatives are FREE?! Your welcome ;)

spotify icon.JPG
4. Spotify // Apple ($0) // Android ($0)
Lastly, I decided to throw in my favorite application in general, not only because it helped me to get through these past 2 semesters but because I thought you all deserved a treat! It’s my favorite music streaming application because of all of the features it has that cater to your mood, create radio stations based off of specific artists, and etc. Enjoy!

Hopefully you’ll be able to add all of these applications to your arsenal of applications this upcoming semester and I wish you all the best of luck in your future academic endeavors!

Question of the Day: What is your must have app for school?

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