Jul 11, 2015

Back to School Wishlist (Part One of Two): June 2015

Guess who is ready for back to school season? *raises hand* Not me! I believe that just about everyone dread’s back to school season whether or not they are a student, teacher, parent etc. I don’t know what is more annoying, back to school commercials or seeing a back to school aisle the day after school has ended.

Any who, I find a glimmer of positivity in all of these by taking an opportunity to get ahead because I am a student & let’s face it, getting new schools supplies, is pretty awesome! (Okay maybe not for everyone but for me it is).  Don’t forget that it is also an opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe, make new friends, and everyone gets a fresh start!

Today I have prepared a list of what I believe to be some of the best back to school items out there. Okay!

Back to School Wishlist- June 2015_1-2.png
This year I want to get another backpack vs. a purse because I will be commuting to school. I also wanted a bag that would be cute and stylish enough not to clash with my well-planned outfits. At the same time, I sort of desired a fancy purse because I find the to be very feminine and there is no chance that a purse would clash with my outfit. Do you see my dilemma!? Unfortunately, purses did not make my top three.

Now that I am getting older and want a backpack that is just as stylish as I am (vs. a backpack featuring my favorite cartoon characters) I have decided to go for a backpack that is a little more sophisticated. I also love how the navy blue and leather of the bag really work well together.

This backpack i similar to the first one mainly colorwise but has a different style. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about a bag with only one main pocket, but I absolutely love how it looks!

At the most expensive this would have to be my absolute favorite backpack. It has one zillion pockets, appears to be very spacious, and the material used to create the bag as well as the zippers is fashionable and chic.

Office Chairs
I want an office chair that doesn’t look like the ordinary office chair because I feel as though it would just clash with the furniture in my home. I chose a few picks that would give you the proper back support you would need for desk work but also more designer. I also wanted a chair that was as close to black as possible because I would want it to match the furniture in my bedroom. I actually meant to place the desks before the chairs, but somehow that did not end up happening! Oh well.

This would have to be my favorite office chair not only because it is the most reasonably priced but because it has a nice high back to support your spine and armrests.

This chair has a very round chair and makes me imagine someone giving you a bear hug! something about the rounded shape is very aesthetically pleasing don’t you think? It also appears to be very comfy and cozy.

The material used to make this chair definitely makes it the most stylish chair of the 3. I would dress it up a bit by adding a comfortable fashion pillow as well as a throw. Regardless, looks great on its own.

As earlier stated, I wanted a black colored desk to match the furniture in my room but some of these desks were just so cute that I couldn't resist adding them to the list!

This beauty is very pink, very pretty, and very girly. What's not to love about this desk. It also has a matching accessory that could come in handy when it comes to keeping organized this upcoming semester.

Finally, a desk that comes in black! I love the detail on the desk and sitting behind it would make me feel like a very sophisticated member of society. It is quite elegant and fancy if I do say so myself.

This desk is very high end and popular on various social media websites that feature must have offices such as Pinterest and Tumblr.

Alright, that’s all folks! Well at least for now.Tune back in next week for part two!

Question of the Day: When does back to school season start for you regardless of whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent, or etc.?

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