Jul 4, 2014

The Best Blog Post Ever Written

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The best blog posts are written when, and only when . . . I don't know. . . the sun is in perfect alignment with all of the planets in the entire universe! Fortunately, this is not true and writing in general, let alone writing a blog post, can be quite difficult. So, once I realized that I would be writing my first post,  I immediately ran to Pinterest for guidance because everyone knows that Pinterest is all knowing and all seeing when it comes to our technological world. Of course my search resulted in many relevant and helpful results but there were also quite a few irrelevant results that I had to weed through in order to get to the good ones. Nevertheless, I was able to assemble this splendid little blog post for you all.
The first order of business is letting you all know why I started my dandy little blog, and that is because I needed a method of developing my coding skills and decided that creating a blog would be the best way to do this.Though coding will be the main focus of this blog it will cover topics about everything and anything (hint, hint, check out my header if you haven't already). And, when I say everything and anything I mean everything and anything and this is because I love to keep things interesting and feel as though focusing my entire blog on coding would get BORING! So, look forward to my future blog posts that will express my many hobbies, talents, and etc.
Not only do I plan to use this blog to practice my coding skills but as a way to help others with their coding skills too through the use of tutorials. I definitely know that if it weren't for certain blogs that I would not have been able to be as seasoned at coding as I am now so I figured that it would only make sense if I contributed what I know to others who may not know as much or are seeking to learn more. Web and or blog design sort of fall hand in hand with coding so I'll also be sharing information and resources about both web and blog design.
Last but not least I have a little something to help you celebrate the festivities, a free, custom, Fourth of July Monogrammed Wallpaper, Happy Fourth everyone!

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